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About Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) at UC Riverside is a social, cultural, and service orientated organization that strives to promote the Chinese American culture throughout the UCR and Riverside communities. We provide various opportunities and events throughout the year that allow students to develop leadership skills and also provide a social outlet for students with similar backgrounds and interests. Our organization is a great way to meet lifelong friends and create fond memories that will contribute to a successful college experience and beyond! 

Our logo is the Chinese character 心 ("xin") which stands for heart. The theme that we have been promoting is "Two Worlds, One Heart” which is a representation of our Chinese Heritage fused with the American Culture that defines the Chinese American. 

Three Pillars of CSA

We are organization based on three pillars: social, culture, philanthropy. All of our events are a great way for members or perspective members to meet new people and make amazing friends. As a cultural organization, we embrace our Asian-American heritage by sharing Asian-American traditions throughout campus, and co-hosting some collaborative events with Asian Pacific Islander Student Advisory Council (APISAC). To make a significant impact in our community, we reach out and volunteer within the city of Riverside and beyond the city limits.

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Becoming a member allows you to officially join one of the largest Asian-Pacific student organizations at UCR, giving you access to numerous events and activities. You'll become more involved on campus and get opportunities to contribute to the growing Asian-American community in Riverside. Not only that, you'll meet lots of people and have many memorable experiences!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Stay in the Loop

Please join our Facebook group for the latest updates and news about CSA. Add us on social media to see our picture and video galleries. If you do not have any social media accounts, please subscribe to us via email in the box above. 


If you have any concerns about the following, please contact us at

  • ​Questions, comments, concerns, feedback, etc

  • Co-hosting events

  • Sponsorship packages and/or fundraising opportunities

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